Mission and History

Angela Dice Nguyen, dancer of Copious Dance Theater. Photographed by Hemali Zaveri (Hemaliphoto.com)

The mission of Copious Dance Theater is to bring quality art to the stage, inspire audiences through beautiful, athletic movement, and nurture budding artists. The company name, derived from the Latin adjective “Copiosus”, is reflected in the plentiful and generous thoughts, artistry, and creativity of the dancers.  Director and Choreographer Kat Roman shares the company philosophy and technique, based on the modern technique of Lester Horton, with students of all levels through regular classes and workshops. Copious Dance Theater frequently collaborates with artists from other genres to create unique, visually and audibly stunning performances.

Copious Dance Theater was founded in 2009  by San Francisco dancer and choreographer Kat Roman. The company has performed at the Z Space, Cowell Theater, North Bay Dance Festival, Dance Mission Theater, Central Market Arts Dance Festival and WestWave Dance Festival among others.


Reviews and Recommendations

“The company, which performed in last year’s show and stood out as a highlight, continued to entrance the audience with choreography by Artistic Director Kat Roman”

Spring Dance Medley Delights Dance Lovers, June 2014

By Melissa McKenzie,  Santa Clara Weekly
“Copious Dance Theater in San Francisco mesmerized with its “Taka” dance.  The beat of the drums and the movement of the modern dance was spellbinding.” 
By Santa Clara Performing Arts Fundation
“Dance companies come and go in this town… and one travels hopefully that their favorite new companies will return. Copious Dance Theatre fits into this category. They are compelling enough to keep watching. One waits eagerly until their next performance”
-Secret’s Lament Review May 16th, 2011
-Ashley Webb, Stark Insider

“Standout was a martial arts-type duet for Jeffrey Van Sciver and Jeffrey Huang, both terrific.”
-Allan Ulrich, SF Chronicle

” …Copious Dance Theater challenges the law of gravity.”
– Rita Feliciano,  SF Bay Guardian
“Her [Kat Worthingon’s] powerful, athletic and fluid style and her beautifully crafted work will deepen and broaden the range of choreographic voices in our dance community.”
-Frank Shawl, Executive Director Shawl Anderson Dance Center
“Kat’s holistic vision allows the audience to engage with the work on a much deeper level. I have witnessed standing ovations and roars of applause following Kat’s work, and they are well deserved.”
-Robin Anderson, Director of Alonzo King Lines Dance Center
“Kat will prove to be an asset to the artistic community because she brings fresh ideas with integrity, clarity of vision and technical beauty.”
– Shereel Washington, Co-Founder/Director, IXALT
“I found her work to be textured, layered, athletic, and beautifully married with her score”
– Jamie Ray Wright, Artistic Director, The Dance Writght Project